Can Affinity Photo open PSD files?


If you're a designer, photographer or artist looking for a software that can handle multiple file formats, Affinity Photo should be on your list. With its wide range of features and compatibility with popular formats, Affinity Photo has become one of the most popular editing tools on the market. But can it open PSD files?

The Answer

Affinity Photo is compatible with the majority of file formats used in the creative industry, including PSD files. According to a user on the Affinity forum, "Affinity Photo can open PSD files, but the layers may be flattened and not editable." It's important to note that even though PSD files can be opened in Affinity Photo, the software may not be able to handle all layers correctly, especially if they include specific effects or adjustments that are not supported.

Converting Pixel Layers to Editable Layers

Another Affinity forum user was seeking help to convert the pixel layers in a PSD file to editable layers, including text. As discussed in the thread, it's not possible to convert pixel layers to editable layers without access to the original .psd file. Affinity Photo does not have a feature that can convert pixel layers to editable layers. Therefore, the solution to the problem is to obtain the original .psd file with all the editable layers.


In conclusion, yes, Affinity Photo can open PSD files, but some layers may be flattened and not editable. It's important to have access to the original .psd files with all the layers to avoid issues related to compatibility. Additionally, you may want to check Affinity's compatibility with specific layers or effects used in the PSD files before importing them to the software.

You can read more about Affinity Photo's compatibility with other file formats in our laptop guide if you're looking for a laptop that can handle Affinity Photo and other creative software with ease.

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