What platforms will Hogwarts Legacy be available on?


Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated role-playing video game set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, has fans anxiously awaiting its release. But as the release date nears, many gamers are wondering on which platforms will they be able to play the game. In this article, we will answer that question and link to some useful sources.

According to a report from The Loadout, Hogwarts Legacy will be available on a variety of platforms. The game will be released on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This means that players will have numerous options when it comes to which platform they prefer to play the game on. Whether you prefer the PC experience or a console experience, Hogwarts Legacy has you covered.

It is important to note, however, that the release dates for the different platforms may vary. As per CNET, the game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles starting May 5, 2023. The game was originally scheduled to release on April 4 but was delayed to give players the "best possible experience." The Nintendo Switch version is slated for July 25, which is a bit later than the other platforms.

The delay of the game has been a bit disappointing for fans who were eagerly waiting for the release. However, the developers' decision to push back the release date was likely to make sure that the game was as polished as possible before launch. Fans of the game are hoping that it will be well worth the wait.

In summary, Hogwarts Legacy will be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The release dates for the different platforms may vary, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions being released on May 5, 2023, and the Nintendo Switch version being released on July 25, 2023. We hope this information helps you decide which platform you want to experience Hogwarts Legacy on. You can also check out our laptop guide to find out what are our criteria when picking a laptop and what are our top options right now.

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