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FIFA 23 Gameplay

As a dedicated FIFA player for years, I've personally experienced the difference a high-quality laptop can make in gameplay, responsiveness, and overall enjoyment. After reviewing an extensive spreadsheet of the latest laptop releases, comparing specs, and reading both professional and user-generated reviews, I've narrowed down the best laptop for FIFA 23 options that cater to various requirements and price ranges.

From the lightning-fast pace of online matches to the detailed graphics of Career Mode, FIFA 23 demands a powerful machine capable of handling its robust features. In this guide, we'll prioritize laptops with strong CPU and GPU performance, ample RAM, and high refresh rate displays to ensure your gameplay is as smooth and immersive as possible. Additionally, we'll consider other factors like portability, battery life, and thermal management to provide a comprehensive selection of laptops suitable for FIFA 23 enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned FIFA pro or just entering the world of virtual football, our carefully curated list will help you find the perfect laptop to elevate your FIFA 23 experience. Stay tuned for our top recommendations and insider tips to optimize your settings and get the most out of your new gaming machine.

How to choose the right processor for FIFA 23?


When it comes to laptops, the processor is one of the most important components. This is especially true for gamers, who need a powerful processor to run the latest games. With the release of FIFA 23, gamers will need a processor that can handle the game's demands. In this article, we will discuss the role of the processor in FIFA 23 and how to choose the right one for your needs.

The processor is the brain of the laptop. It is responsible for all the calculations that need to be done in order to run the operating system and applications. A powerful processor is essential for gaming, as it needs to calculate the game's graphics and physics. The processor is also responsible for streaming video and audio, so it needs to be powerful enough to handle these tasks as well.

When it comes to FIFA 23, the processor is responsible for calculating the game's graphics and physics. The game is also single-threaded, which means that it can only use one core of the processor at a time. This means that a high-end processor is not necessary if you're playing on a low resolution or in a limited framerate range (e.g., 60 FPS).

The state of the laptop CPU market is constantly changing. In the past year, we've seen the release of new processors from Intel and AMD. Intel's 13th-gen processors have yet to reach laptops, where 12th generation is Intel's latest. AMD has managed to take 20% of the CPU market with their 6th generation Ryzen processors. These processors offer good single-core performance and battery life.

Apple has also released MacBooks with their own ARM-based M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and M2 system-on-chip modules. These chips offer exceptional single-core performance and battery life. However, they are not yet widely available and are not compatible with Windows.

When choosing a processor for FIFA 23, you need to decide how much money you are willing to spend. If you're looking for an affordable gaming laptop, you'll need to settle for an i5 or Ryzen 5 processor. These processors will still deliver good results in most cases. If you're looking for a high-end gaming laptop, you'll need to invest in an i7 or Ryzen 7 processor. These processors will offer the best performance in FIFA 23.

There are other components that deserve your attention when choosing a gaming laptop. The graphics card is responsible for rendering the game's graphics. A powerful graphics card is necessary for high-end gaming laptops. The storage type is also important. Solid state drives are much faster than hard drives and will offer better performance in games.

My recommendations for each price range are as follows:

  • If you're looking for an affordable gaming laptop, I recommend an i5 or Ryzen 5 processor. These processors will still deliver good results in most cases.

  • If you're looking for a high-end gaming laptop, I recommend an i7 or Ryzen 7 processor. These processors will offer the best performance in FIFA 23.

Choosing a graphics


With the release of FIFA 23 just around the corner, many gamers are looking to upgrade their laptops to ensure they can run the game at its highest settings. In this guide, we'll take a look at what you need to know in order to make an informed decision about which graphics card (GPU) is right for you.

It's worth noting that the requirements for FIFA 23 have been reduced from the last installment of the game. However, we still recommend opting for a dedicated GPU as the standard, as even entry-level cards can provide a significant boost to your gaming experience.

When it comes to ranking GPUs for gaming, we rely on performance benchmarks such as 3DMark. This is because they're widely used and easy to find results for most GPUs. However, keep in mind that synthetic benchmarks can't fully capture the performance in actual games. With that said, let's take a look at some recommended GPUs for gaming, based on price bracket.

Budget Options

If you're looking for an affordable gaming laptop, we recommend opting for one with an Nvidia GT 1030 or AMD RX 550. These are entry-level graphics chips that will provide decent framerates at low settings and resolutions (720p).

Mid-Range Options

For mid-range laptops, we recommend opting for a GTX 1650 Ti or an RTX 2060. These cards will offer good performance at 1080p resolutions, and will also be able to handle some games at 1440p resolutions.

High-End Options

If you're looking for a high-end gaming laptop, you'll need to make sure it has an adequate power delivery system (or PCIe version). We recommend opting for an RTX 2070 or 2080 for the best performance.

The best memory for FIFA 23 in 2022

RAM sticks

As anyone who's played FIFA can tell you, the game can be pretty demanding on your system resources, especially if you're playing at 4K with high graphics settings. If you're looking to get the most out of the game, you're going to need a laptop with a lot of RAM. In this article, we'll take a look at how much RAM you need for FIFA 23 and what kind of performance you can expect from different types of RAM.

How Much Memory Does FIFA 23 Need?

To run FIFA 23 smoothly, you're going to need at least 16 GB of RAM. If you're looking to play with a high framerate and a lot of players on the pitch, you're going to need even more. For example, if you want to play at 4K with all the graphical settings maxed out, you're going to need 32 GB of RAM.


There's not a whole lot of difference between DDR5 and DDR4 RAM. The main difference is that DDR5 is the latest standard and is therefore slightly faster. If you're looking for the absolute best performance, you should get a laptop with DDR5 RAM. However, DDR4 is still perfectly fine for most purposes and is significantly cheaper.

ECC Memory

ECC memory is often recommended for gaming laptops, but it's not actually necessary. ECC memory is designed to prevent data corruption, which is important for servers and other mission-critical applications. However, it's not really an issue for gaming laptops. The only reason you might want to get a laptop with ECC memory is if you plan on using it for other purposes like video editing or 3D rendering.

What to Expect Depending on Your Budget

If you're on a tight budget, you should expect to get a laptop with 16 GB of RAM. If you're willing to spend more, you can get a laptop with 32 GB of RAM. However, if you're looking for the absolute best performance, you should get a desktop with 64 GB of RAM.


Q: Can I play FIFA 23 on a laptop?

Yes, you can play FIFA 23 on a laptop. However, the performance of the game will vary depending on the specifications of your laptop. It's essential to meet the minimum requirements to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

What are the minimum laptop requirements for FIFA 23?

To play FIFA 23 on a laptop, you will need at least an i3-1115G4 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. These are the bare minimum requirements to run the game, but keep in mind that you may experience lower frame rates and graphical fidelity compared to higher-end systems.

What laptops can run FIFA 23 smoothly?

For smooth gameplay in FIFA 23, you should aim for laptops that meet or exceed the medium requirements. Some laptops that fall into this category include the ASUS Zenbook priced at $640, which offers a good balance between affordability and performance. If you're looking for a more powerful option, the HP Victus priced at $890 provides a step up in both processing power and graphics performance.

Is a gaming laptop necessary to play FIFA 23?

While a gaming laptop is not strictly necessary to play FIFA 23, it can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Gaming laptops are designed with dedicated graphics cards and powerful processors that can handle the demands of modern games like FIFA 23. If you're a serious gamer or prioritize smooth gameplay, investing in a gaming laptop is recommended.

How much RAM is required for FIFA 23 on a laptop?

The minimum requirement for FIFA 23 is 8 GB of RAM. However, to ensure smoother gameplay and better multitasking capabilities, we recommend opting for a laptop with 16 GB of RAM. This will provide a more responsive experience, especially if you like to have multiple applications running in the background while gaming.

What graphics card do I need to play FIFA 23 on a laptop?

FIFA 23 requires a dedicated graphics card to run properly. The minimum requirement is a GeForce GTX 1650. For a better gaming experience, we recommend a laptop with at least a GeForce RTX 3050, which offers improved performance and more advanced features like ray tracing. For maximum performance, a GeForce RTX 2060 will deliver exceptional graphics and smooth gameplay.

Can a budget laptop handle FIFA 23?

Yes, a budget laptop can handle FIFA 23, but you may need to compromise on graphics settings and performance. If you're on a tight budget, laptops like the ASUS Zenbook priced at $640 can provide a decent gaming experience with lower graphical settings. However, for a smoother gameplay experience with higher graphics settings, it's advisable to invest in a laptop that meets the medium or maximum requirements.

What is the recommended processor for playing FIFA 23 on a laptop?

The recommended processors for playing FIFA 23 on a laptop are the i5-10310U for a medium-level experience and the i7-1180G7 for maximum performance. These processors offer higher clock speeds and more cores, allowing for better game optimization and smoother gameplay.

Can I play FIFA 23 on a MacBook laptop?

FIFA 23 is not officially supported on macOS. While there are workarounds to install Windows on a MacBook using Boot Camp, it's important to note that the game may not run optimally due to hardware and driver compatibility limitations. For the best FIFA 23 experience, we recommend playing on a Windows-based laptop that meets the game's requirements.

How to optimize laptop settings for FIFA 23?

To optimize laptop settings for FIFA 23, consider the following steps:

  1. Update drivers: Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Check the manufacturer's website for the latest driver releases.

  2. Adjust power settings: Set your laptop's power mode to "High Performance" or a similar setting to ensure maximum performance during gameplay.

  3. Close background applications: Close any unnecessary background applications to free up system resources and improve gaming performance.

  4. Adjust in-game settings: Within the game, lower graphical settings such as resolution, shadows, and anti-aliasing if you experience performance issues. Experiment with different settings to find the right balance between visuals and performance.

  5. Monitor temperatures: Keep an eye on your laptop's temperatures during gameplay. High temperatures can affect performance and potentially damage hardware. Consider using a cooling pad or adjusting fan settings to maintain optimal temperatures.

Remember, optimizing laptop settings may involve a trade-off between visual quality and performance. It's important to find the right balance that suits your preferences and hardware capabilities.

5 Best Laptops for FIFA 23

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HP Victus 15 $710
i5-12450H | GTX 1650 | 16 GB RAM | 1000 GB SSD | 15.6″ IPS WA; 1920x1080 |

1.HP Victus 15

HP Victus 15: Budget-friendly gaming with trade-offs.
  • Strong entry-level gaming
  • Solid productivity performance
  • Inexpensive for a gaming laptop
  • Display and webcam could be better
  • Too much pre-installed software
  • Single-channel RAM in our review unit

The HP Victus 15 provides strong gaming performance and solid productivity performance at an affordable price. However, it comes with a few drawbacks such as a subpar display and webcam, excessive pre-installed software, and single-channel RAM.

HP Victus 15t $730
HP Victus 15t
  • Affordable price
  • Good gaming performance
  • Weak GPU yields unsatisfactory frame rates
  • Screen only so-so despite 144Hz refresh rate
ASUS TUF Dash F15 $1,160
i7-12650H | RTX 3070 | 64 GB RAM | 2000 GB SSD | 15.6″ IPS-level G-Sync; 1920x1080 |

2.ASUS TUF Dash F15

ASUS TUF Dash F15: A Powerful and Affordable Laptop for Gaming and All-Purpose Use
  • Lightweight and well-built design
  • Good range of screen options, including high refresh rate display
  • More powerful than the previous generation
  • Fair battery runtimes and USB-C charging support
  • Quirks affecting everyday ergonomics
  • Ports are mostly located on the left edge
  • Avoid the FHD 144Hz panel option

The ASUS TUF Dash F15 is a well-built and lightweight laptop that offers good performance for gaming and all-purpose use. It has a range of screen options to choose from, including a high refresh rate display, and is competitively priced. However, it does have some quirks affecting everyday ergonomics and the FHD 144Hz panel option should be avoided.

ASUS TUF F15 FX507VU-ES53 $1,100
  • Superb 1080p gaming
  • Strong productivity capabilities
  • Poor webcam, touchpad, and speakers
  • Some games appear washed out on display
Lenovo Legion 5i Pro 16 $1,300
i7-12700H | RTX 3050 Ti | 32 GB RAM | 1000 GB SSD | 16″ IPS Touch G-Sync; 3840x2160 |

3.Lenovo Legion 5i Pro 16

Lenovo Legion 5i Pro: A Powerful Gaming Laptop with Sleek Design and Plenty of Ports.
  • Stylish, sleek form factor
  • Gorgeous display
  • Strong performance
  • Quiet fans
  • Webcam quality is poor
  • No biometric features
  • SSD is slightly slower than competition

The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro is a stylish and powerful gaming laptop with a sleek design, impressive display, strong performance, and a wide range of ports. However, it has a disappointing webcam, lacks biometric features, and its SSD is slightly slower compared to its competitors.

Dell G16 $1,510
Dell G16
  • Relatively affordable
  • Impressive display with high refresh rate and accurate colors
  • Heavier and thicker than competitors
  • Lacks Thunderbolt 4 on basic configurations
ASUS ROG Strix G15 $1,750
Ryzen 9 5900HX | Radeon RX 6800M | 64 GB RAM | 4000 GB SSD | 15.6″ IPS G-Sync; 1920x1080 |

4.ASUS ROG Strix G15

ASUS ROG Strix G15: Unleash the Power of RTX 3070 for Optimal Gaming Performance
  • High-performance CPU and GPU
  • Good workmanship and design
  • High-quality display
  • User-friendly maintenance
  • Skimpy connectivity
  • Occasional coil whine in certain situations

The ASUS ROG Strix G15 is a high-performance gaming laptop equipped with an RTX 3070 GPU and Ryzen 5000 CPU. With its impressive display and user-friendly maintenance, it offers a sophisticated design and stable construction. However, the skimpy connectivity and occasional coil whine are minor downsides to consider.

HP Envy 16 $1,950
HP Envy 16
  • Plenty of CPU and GPU power
  • New 120Hz screen refresh rate
  • Merely adequate base screen
  • Optional OLED has fewer pixels than before
Lenovo Legion Pro 7i 16 $3,390
i9-13900HX | RTX 4090 | 32 GB RAM | 1000 GB SSD | 16″ HDR; 2560x1600 |

5.Lenovo Legion Pro 7i 16

Lenovo Legion Pro 7i Gen 8: A mid-priced powerhouse for FIFA 23.
  • Strong overall performance
  • Big, bright, and fast display
  • Per-key RGB lighting
  • Some flex to keyboard deck
  • Poor battery life

The Lenovo Legion Pro 7i Gen 8 is armed with a 13th-gen Core i9 CPU and RTX 4090 graphics, making it a strong performer for FIFA 23. Its big, bright, and fast display, along with per-key RGB lighting, enhance the gaming experience. However, it does suffer from a bit of flex in the keyboard deck and poor battery life.

HP Omen 17 $4,290
HP Omen 17
  • QHD display with 165 Hz
  • Expandable working memory

    Table of the Best Laptops for FIFA 23

    LaptopPrice (approx)
    HP Victus 15$710
    ASUS TUF Dash F15$1,160
    Lenovo Legion 5i Pro 16$1,300
    ASUS ROG Strix G15$1,750
    Lenovo Legion Pro 7i 16$3,390
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