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As a fellow racing enthusiast and avid F1 2022 player, I understand the importance of finding the best laptop for F1 2022 that can deliver a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience. The world of Formula 1 racing is fast-paced and visually stunning, so it's essential to choose a laptop that can handle the game's detailed graphics and high frame rates without breaking a sweat. After reviewing an extensive laptop spreadsheet of recent releases and comparing specs, professional reviews, and user-generated feedback, I've narrowed down the top choices for F1 2022 enthusiasts based on game-specific requirements and various price ranges.

One crucial factor when looking for the best laptop for F1 2022 is the display's refresh rate. A high refresh rate ensures smooth gameplay and can make a significant difference in your reaction time when navigating tight turns or overtaking opponents on the track. It's also essential to consider the laptop's GPU performance, as F1 2022 requires a capable graphics card to render the game's intricate details, like the stunning recreations of real-world circuits and the realistic weather effects.

Another aspect to consider is the laptop's cooling system, as F1 2022 can generate substantial heat during extended gaming sessions. A robust cooling solution is vital to prevent thermal throttling and maintain consistent performance. Additionally, a comfortable and responsive keyboard is a must-have for precise control during intense races, especially if you're participating in online multiplayer events or striving to improve your lap times on the F1 Esports Leaderboards. Rest assured, the laptops selected in this guide will meet the unique requirements of F1 2022 players, providing an optimal balance of performance, display quality, and cooling efficiency for an unparalleled racing experience.

Choosing the right processor for F1 22

CPU gmming

The processor is one of the most important components in a gaming laptop. It's responsible for controlling how fast the game responds to your inputs. Faster is better, as a slower processor will make the game feel sluggish and unresponsive. You want your laptop to be responsive, because it's really frustrating when you're playing a racing game and the controls feel too slow or unresponsive.


If you want to get the best experience possible, you'll need a top-of-the-line CPU with Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7. These CPUs are specifically designed for gaming and will provide silky smooth gameplay even at high framerates. However, these processors are expensive, so if you're on a budget, I recommend picking up an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 instead. If you don't care about frames per second (FPS) then any CPU will do.


Here are some great options:

  • Ryzen 5 3500U – the bare minimum for F1 22
  • i5-10300H – ideal for gamers on a budget
  • i7-11850H – for hardcore gamers with higher budgets
  • Intel Core i7-10875H – for gamers with 4K displays and high refresh rates

F1 22 is not very demanding, so any CPU will do. But if you want a good experience, I recommend getting an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor. Or Ryzen 5 if you're on a budget. Or Core i5 if you don't care about FPS.

The right graphics card

Minimum graphics (under $1000)


If you're on a tight budget, you'll need to keep your expectations low. Integrated graphics chips do not play F1 22 well. But hey, if that's all we can afford, we might as well have a go at it and enjoy the spectacle of cars racing across the screen.

But seriously, if you can't afford to buy a new graphics card and still want to play F1 22, then we should at least buy the cheapest dedicated graphics card – GTX 1650. With this puppy, we can hope for 50 FPS on medium settings. That's a little bit better than nothing.

Recommended graphics ($1000 – $2000)

In the mid-range price bracket, GTX 1660 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 5600M are still our best bets for playing F1 22 on high setting. But if you've got more money to spend or want a higher quality experience with a 144Hz refresh rate panel, then RTX 2060 is where it's at. This GPU delivers 60 FPS on high settings.

Best graphics ($2000 and up)

If you've got deep pockets and don't mind parting with some dough for bragging rights, I recommend going all-in with RTX 3070 or even RTX 3080. The latter boasts over 10% higher performance than the former while costing around 10% more. For those seeking ultimate power, RTX 3080 is your best bet – but that'll cost an arm and a leg (and might also lead to sacrificing battery life).

  • when it comes to F1 22, you'll need at least GTX 1650 for playable performance on medium settings (or higher)
  • if you've got $1000 – $2000, then GTX 1660 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 5600M are your best bets for high settings (or higher)
  • if you've got $2000+ and don't mind spending some extra cash, then go for RTX 2060 or even RTX 3080 (depending on your budget)

Picking a good memory

Ram stick gamming

A laptop is a complex piece of hardware. That's why we've spent so much time talking about how to pick the best CPU, GPU, and cooling solution. Now it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty – memory.

Minimum (8 GB)

Nowadays 8GB is simply not enough for anything other than basic games and web browsing – though you might get away with it in some rare cases where everything else on your laptop is top notch. The only case where 8GB might be enough is if you're on an unreasonably tight budget and could upgrade the RAM stick at a later date when you have more money to spend.

In short: don't bother with 8GB for now. Stick with 16GB if you're able to do so, or 32GB if you have more disposable income available for your next laptop purchase.

Recommended (16 GB)

For most people, 16GB should be plenty of memory for F1 22 – unless they're looking for something more future-proofed and are willing to invest in a more expensive model. I'm personally sticking with 16 GB because I don't care too much about having an edge over my competitors – but this article should help you make up your mind!

Best (32 GB)

I'm not even considering 32GB to be the best – it's just a choice for those who want to future-proof their purchase. It might be overkill for F1 22, but if you want to stream your gameplay or keep a bunch of tabs open in Chrome while playing, 32GB will be the way to go.

  • laptops are complex pieces of hardware, so get as much RAM as you can afford (or as much as you think you'll need)
  • 8GB is not enough, but you might get away with it if you have a high end laptop and everything else is top notch
  • 16GB is a good choice for most people (including me) who don't want to overspend on a laptop with lots of features they don't need
  • 32GB is overkill for F1 22, but it's a good choice if you want to future proof your purchase or if you stream or play lots of high graphics games

What's the best storage for F1 22?

best ssds

Hey, you're here for a reason. You're probably looking for a way to play F1 22 on your laptop, and there's not much time left before the season starts. I can't help you with any other aspects of the game, but I'll give you some storage tips.

Is HDD an option?

No. This is one of those games that really needs an SSD – it takes up to 80GB of space just to install the game. And as you know, HDDs are slower than SSDs. That's why we should focus on models with Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Picking an SSD

What kind of drive should we get? Well, that depends on what else you're getting in your laptop purchase. If you want something more powerful – go for a larger capacity SSD with a high read/write performance. The lower cost ones are usually okay for people who prioritize portability and light gaming load – 256 GB will be enough for them most of the time. If you have budget constraints and need to cut corners elsewhere – get a smaller SSD and upgrade it later when you have more money available. A 1 TB model will be plenty for most people who prioritize gaming over anything else.

  • go for an SSD if you want to play F1 22 on your laptop
  • bigger capacity SSDs are better, but more expensive
  • smaller capacity SSDs are cheaper, but you'll have to upgrade them later if you want more space


Table of Best Laptops for {topic}

LaptopPrice (approx)

Revving up the Answers: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which laptop is best for playing F1 2022?

The best laptop for playing F1 2022 depends on your budget and performance needs. If you're looking for top-of-the-line performance and don't mind splurging, the Lenovo Legion Pro 5 or the Sager NP9371W are excellent options. However, if you're on a budget, the Acer Predator Helios 16 or the HP Victus provide solid performance at a more affordable price.

What are the recommended laptop specs for F1 2022?

The recommended laptop specs for F1 2022 include a medium-level processor like the i5-10300H or higher, a graphics card like the RTX 2060 or higher, at least 16 GB of RAM, and a minimum of 512 GB SSD storage. These specs will ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience without compromising performance.

Can I run F1 2022 on a laptop?

Yes, you can definitely run F1 2022 on a laptop. However, it's important to check if your laptop meets the minimum requirements for the game. F1 2022 requires a decent processor, a dedicated graphics card, sufficient RAM, and SSD storage for optimal performance.

What graphics card do I need for F1 2022 on a laptop?

For F1 2022, you will need a dedicated graphics card to ensure smooth gameplay. The minimum requirement is the GTX 1650, but for a better gaming experience, it is recommended to have at least an RTX 2060 or higher. The RTX 3070 would provide the best performance and graphics quality.

How much RAM is required for F1 2022 on a laptop?

The recommended amount of RAM for F1 2022 on a laptop is at least 16 GB. This will allow the game to run smoothly and prevent any lag or performance issues. While 8 GB might work, it is always better to have more RAM to ensure optimal performance.

Can I play F1 2022 on a budget laptop?

Yes, you can play F1 2022 on a budget laptop. Laptops like the Acer Predator Helios 16 or the HP Victus provide decent gaming performance at an affordable price. However, it's important to note that budget laptops might not be able to run the game at the highest graphics settings or achieve the smoothest frame rates.

Is a gaming laptop necessary for F1 2022?

While a gaming laptop is not absolutely necessary for playing F1 2022, it is highly recommended if you want the best performance and graphics quality. Gaming laptops are specifically designed to handle demanding games and provide a smooth gaming experience. They come with powerful processors, dedicated graphics cards, and sufficient RAM to handle the requirements of modern games like F1 2022.

Which laptops have the best performance for F1 2022?

Laptops like the Lenovo Legion Pro 5 and the Sager NP9371W offer the best performance for F1 2022. These laptops come equipped with high-end processors like the i7-11850H, powerful graphics cards like the RTX 3070, and ample RAM and storage. They are designed to handle the demanding requirements of modern games and provide an immersive gaming experience.

What is the minimum laptop requirement for F1 2022?

The minimum laptop requirement for F1 2022 includes a Ryzen 5 3500U or i5-10300H processor, a GTX 1650 graphics card, 8 GB of RAM, and a minimum of 256 GB SSD storage. These specifications will allow you to run the game at a basic level, but keep in mind that you may need to lower the graphics settings to achieve a smoother gameplay experience.

Are there any specific laptop brands or models recommended for F1 2022 gaming?

For F1 2022 gaming, specific laptop brands and models that are recommended include the Acer Predator Helios 16, HP Victus, Dell G15, Lenovo Legion Pro 5, and Sager NP9371W. These laptops provide a range of options from budget-friendly to high-performance, ensuring there's something for everyone based on their needs and budget.

5 Best Laptops for F1 22

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HP Victus $620
i5-12450H | GTX 1650 | 8 GB RAM | 512 GB SSD | 15.6″ IPS; 1920x1080 |

1.HP Victus

HP Victus: Budget-friendly gaming with trade-offs.
  • Strong entry-level gaming
  • Solid productivity performance
  • Inexpensive for a gaming laptop
  • Display and webcam could be better
  • Too much pre-installed software
  • Single-channel RAM in our review unit

The HP Victus provides strong entry-level gaming and solid productivity performance at an affordable price. However, compromises are made in the form of a subpar display and webcam, excessive pre-installed software, and the use of single-channel RAM.

ASUS TUF A15 FA506IH-AS53 $680
  • Great 1080p performance
  • Good value
  • Not the most powerful laptop
  • Design wont be for everyone
HP Victus $939
i5-12450H | GTX 1650 | 64 GB RAM | 2000 GB SSD | 15.6″ G-Sync; 1920x1080 |

2.HP Victus

HP Victus: A Solid Gaming Laptop with Some Display Drawbacks
  • Delivers smooth gameplay at 1080p.
  • Fast SSD.
  • User-replaceable memory and storage.
  • Good port selection.
  • No variable refresh rate to reduce screen tearing.
  • Slow response time on the display.

The HP Victus 15 is a great gaming laptop with powerful components, delivering smooth gameplay at 1080p. It also offers a fast SSD and user-replaceable memory and storage. However, its display has a slow response time causing ghosting and lacks variable refresh rate to reduce screen tearing.

HP Victus $900
HP Victus
  • Delivers smooth gameplay at 1080p.
  • Fast SSD.
  • No variable refresh rate to reduce screen tearing.
  • Slow response time on the display.
ASUS TUF F15 FX507VU-ES53 $1,100
i5-13500H | RTX 4050 | 512 GB RAM | 500 GB SSD | 15.6″; 1920x1080 |


ASUS TUF F15 FX507VU-ES53: A budget gaming laptop with superb performance, but lacking in webcam, touchpad, and speakers.
  • Superb 1080p gaming performance
  • Strong productivity capabilities
  • Great price
  • Poor webcam, touchpad, and speakers
  • Some games appear washed out on the display

The ASUS TUF F15 FX507VU-ES53 is a powerful budget gaming laptop that excels in delivering superb 1080p gaming performance and strong productivity capabilities. However, it falls short in terms of its webcam, touchpad, and speakers.

ASUS TUF Dash F15 $1,160
  • Lightweight and well-built design
  • Good input and IO options
  • Quirks affecting everyday ergonomics
  • Most ports squeezed together on the left edge
Lenovo Legion Pro 5 $2,890
i9-13900HX | RTX 4070 | 64 GB RAM | 4000 GB SSD | 16″; 2560x1600 |

4.Lenovo Legion Pro 5

Lenovo Legion Pro 5: A midrange gaming laptop that offers fantastic value and top-tier performance.
  • Fantastic value
  • Top-tier gaming performance
  • USB-C charging available
  • DLSS 3
  • Middling screen
  • A bit heavy

The Legion Pro 5 hits a sweet spot between performance, build quality, and price. Despite a few trade-offs like a decent but unexciting screen and a hefty weight, the Legion Pro 5 offers great value and top-tier gaming performance.

HP Envy Desktop PC 4TB SSD $2,900
HP Envy Desktop PC 4TB SSD
  • Sufficient processor (i9-12900K)
  • Exceptional display (null)
  • Underwhelming graphics card (RTX 3070 Ti)
  • No IPS Panel (subpar viewing angles)
HP Omen 17 $4,290
i9-13900HX | RTX 4090 | 64 GB RAM | 8000 GB SSD | 17.3″ IPS; 2560x1440 |

5.HP Omen 17

HP Omen 17: A high-end gamer with top-notch performance and a flashy keyboard, but falls short in battery life and noise level.
  • QHD display with 165 Hz
  • Advanced Optimus technology
  • Expandable working memory
  • PCIe-4 SSD with space for a second SSD
  • Slightly below-average performance for an RTX 4080
  • High noise level
  • Clattery case
  • Meager battery life

The HP Omen 17 is a high-end gaming laptop that boasts impressive performance for video processing, rendering, and QHD gaming. Its standout feature is the flashy keyboard with individual key illumination and six macro keys. However, it falls short in terms of battery life and noise level, and its performance is slightly below average for a laptop with an RTX 4080.

HP Omen
  • Exceptional display (17.3 IPS)
  • Featherweight (6.16 lbs)

    Table of the Best Laptops for F1 22

    LaptopPrice (approx)
    HP Victus$620
    HP Victus$939
    ASUS TUF F15 FX507VU-ES53$1,100
    Lenovo Legion Pro 5$2,890
    HP Omen 17$4,290
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